Thank you to all of you who are reaching out in support of Haiti. I am in regular communication with my friends and family there, although accurate information is still difficult. Many of you have asked what you can do to help; as soon as I can make a recommendation based on on-the-ground information, I will post it here and on my website. As many of you know, I work with many local humanitarian, human rights, psycho-social, educational and health organizations in Haiti. They will most likely be involved in the immediate disaster relief and crisis responses, and eventually, longer term care, support and rehabilitation.

As soon as I can suggest the best and most direct and efficient organization(s) to send contributions to, I will post it, right here. My 501c3, Trauma Resources International, is also partnered with several organizations there and once we are clear what our response and support will be, I will let you all know.

One thing every single friend and loved one in Port au Prince has asked of me is this: “Haiti needs your prayers. Please send prayers.”

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