Children and Trauma – International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies – The National Child Traumatic Stress Network – European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Dance Movement Therapy – American Dance Therapy Association -see upcoming events

Torture – National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs – Torture Abolition and Surivors Support Coalition – The Center for Victims of Torture

International Human Rights – International Society for Health and Human rights

Programs for Veterans & Service Members; Combat Trauma – The Sanctuary for Veterans and Families – Grace After Fire – Women Organizing Women:Veteran Advocacy

Relevant Publications and Links
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Staff Support
Antares Foundation:
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Other Links – Robert Schleip

My Teachers:
Susan Aposhyan – 
Christine Caldwell –
Emilie Conrad –
Clyde Rae Jolie –
Ryan Kennedy –
Peter Levine – 
Lakou Jezu MaShoun – Lory, Haiti
Gael Ohlgren –
Stephen Porges –
Angwyn St. Just –
Bessel van der Kolk –

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