Our Mission

The mission of Trauma Resources International (TRI) is to build on existing individual and communal resources in areas of mass social trauma to support systems of healing and well being that promote resiliency and are culturally congruent and respectful through education and empowerment of survivors and victims, and professionals and paraprofessionals responding to the needs of survivors of war, combat, political violence, torture and natural disaster.

Recent Updates

“What the Spine Knows”

Amber will be sharing her wisdom in Yoga for Humankind’s “Connected” on August 8, 2020.

Amber is teaching this Advanced Professional Course with Liz Koch.

Amber is a featured presenter at PESI’s upcoming “Integrating the Body in Psychotherapy”.

Amber is offering a sequel to her popular Ground in the Swirl online series, Intimacy with the Unknown.

As our global community enters into varying types of transition—the space between, rich with the fertile ground of uncertainty—mastering our bodies’ abilities to practice deep listening can anchor us. Intimacy with the Unknown is an invitation to engage practical, embodied strategies for self-regulating and adapting, while finding support through the ritual and ceremony of connection: Connection to our selves, one another, and the natural environment. As we embody strength, flow and ground, we expand our spheres of connection to weave support.

Offered Wednesdays:
May 27 – June 17, 2020
9-11 AM MDT/USA; 11 AM-1 PM EDT/USA; 4-6PM Central Europe Daylight Time

Offered Thursdays:
May 21 – June 11, 2020
4-6 PM MDT/USA; 8-10 AM Australia EDT; 10 AM-12 PM New Zealand Daylight Time

Information & Registration

Expressive Arts Therapy and Traumatic Stress: Innovative and Embodied Approaches in the Age of COVID-19

Join renowned expressive arts therapy and traumatic stress experts, Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, and Amber Elizabeth Gray, PhD as they discuss how we can address these impacts with clients through innovative sensory-based and embodied approaches.

Tue, Jun 09, 2020 – 01:00p to 02:30p CDT

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Who We Are

TRI’s Director, Amber Elizabeth Gray, has worked domestically with survivors of human rights abuses and trauma for over 15 years, and has worked internationally and in the field of public health, humanitarian response, disaster response, healing and human services for almost 30 years. A clinician, activist, trainer/educator, program manager, researcher and artist, she has been contracted through her LLC, Restorative Resources Training & Consulting (RRT&C), to provide direct services, training, and guidance for new and ongoing programs serving survivors worldwide. She brings with her passion, commitment, education, extensive field and management, experience, and a dedication to the empowerment, restoration and healing of survivors.

Knowledge Exchange Workshop: How Can Movement and Dance Be Healing for Us? Darwin, NT August 17-19 Full PDF Flyer