Our Mission

Restoring Embodied Social Justice, Inciting Global Social Change, and Promoting and Upholding Planetary Rights

Diversity , Equity and Justice Commitment:

Restorative Resources Training & Consulting; Trauma Resources International & Amber Gray Movement Therapies are committed to creating a learning community where diverse perspectives are welcome, respected, & encouraged. Diverse perspectives enrich clinical skills & support our shared humanity through strengthening our capacity for empathy, self-compassion/compassion, reflection, respectful communication & action, reciprocity & belonging. We welcome feedback that promotes diversity, equity & justice in course materials & in course learning & sharing.


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Roots, Rhythm, Reciprocity: Polyvagal-informed Somatic, Dance & Movement Therapies for Trauma

Belgium July 2022

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Trusting Inner Somatic Wisdom: Preparing Professionals Through Mentorship and Collegiality

ISMETA Online Conference 2022

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Spiraling Into the Wild: Integrating Psoas & Polyvagal-Informed Continuum & Dance Therapies – Advanced Collaboration with Amber Gray & Liz Koch

April 29 @ 12:00 pm – May 1 @ 5:00 pm

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Listen to “Cross Cultural Dance/Movement Therapy” with Dr. Amber Gray on The Creative Psychotherapist podcast.

Recent publication “Dance Therapy Today: An Overview of the Profession and Its Practice Around the World“.

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Listen to Amber on The Nishant Garg Show:

Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray — Movement–Based Therapies, Restoration and Healing, Ceremonies for Healing, Somatic Psychology, Journaling for Processing Trauma, and More (#173)

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