Body Collective // Collective Body // 10/15/2016 – 10/16/2016

Body Collective // Collective Body

BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating bodies. Without the body there is no experience and without experience there is no ground for intelligence.

BODY IQ is a festival of and by the conscious body – ensuring discovery, exchange and unexpected synergies.

International experts, artists and teachers gather distinctions and commonalities of somatic approaches, then disseminate them into a wide spectrum of applications, penetrating – from arts to healing to politics – many domains of human activity.

BODY IQ aspires to be a platform that generates impulses for the knowledge, wisdom and wonder of the conscious, human form.


Pre-design your own journey through the festival or let yourself be guided by your intuition as you choose from three possible events four times a day.
Although Body IQ’s program is evolving throughout the 3 days, all workshops & events are suitable for spontaneous drop-in.

We have limited space! Buy your festival ticket now!
You can buy a 3-Day Pass for the entire festival,
or a 1-Day Pass for a specific day.

from 60 to 100 € for a 1-Day Pass
from 160 to 240 € for a 3-Day Pass

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