Port au Prince, Haiti Day 4 Trip 2

Woke up to a 4.7 earthquake at 4:30’ish this morning–I managed to fall back asleep shortly afterwards, as the persistence of the 4 walls around me and the ceiling above to remain walls and ceiling convinced me nothing would fall on me. I also really, really needed the sleep. I’m tired.

There were several aftershocks and its been so painful to see distress levels elevate–several people ran to me after a particularly strong aftershock, pale, sweating, teary-eyed, terrified. We centered, using somatic psychology methods and supplies I am blessed to have because I live in an amazing, awake, caring and generous community (Thank you Santa Fe). Everything became an anchor today: post trauma stabilizer donated by The Flower Essence Society and arranged by my bestest friend Karen Brown, rescue remedy donated by Dr May Ting of Santa Fe, and lavender oils crafted by Christa Obuchoswki of Aroma Botanica. There was also Deep Sleep, thanks to the generosity of Herbs etc. who sent me down here with 50 bottles, and Rescue Pastilles I bought at a significant discount from Pharmacy. I am also sharing Thieves that very dear friend Lola Moonfrog gave me, and many assorted bottles of essential oils, mists and balms from my beautiful dance and drum community at the Rail yard, collected by Sister Naja Harrell. One more important donation: Trader Joe’s gave me “beucoups” (???) bags of their trek mix, and one of the members of the administrative team distributes them daily to all the local (Haitian) staff. Everyone has their favorite mix now!

Mesi Anpil Santa Fe, nap kenbe ansam.

Tonight my friends are sleeping outside with their beautiful, precious children because the earthquake was just too scary. I am inside with the nanny’s, who sleep beside an open door on a futon. I feel very comfortable inside, and we agree if there is another quake I WILL get out of bed and run outside to join them at the tent, so we are all together. I am not allowed to close my door so that I can hear them yell “RUN AMBO!” (their nickname for me, courtesy of their children).

The stresses continue to pile on–another earthquake and aftershocks (although I remind people that more smaller quakes release pressure and maybe, just maybe, decrease the chance of another big one), people losing jobs because some businesses cannot keep the same level of staffing as previously, a few more buildings fell, so there is the sound of destruction and the likelihood of injury and death, the smell of decomposing bodies now overpowered by dust, urine and feces. Many local Haitian staff experience unbearable workloads, and suddenly must share their office space with the many expats who have flooded Potoprens since January 13th.

I met with the IDEO team today, and again, will be updating my website soon. Their plans to provide mental health services to Haiti are impressive, thoughtful and deeply necessary. They have found some additional support to help them with start up costs of a psycho-trauma center, and still need assistance for the massive task of coordinating the mental health response for Haiti. For everything they are doing, they still need support: financing, training, and simply, support. I played APPEAR TO ME for them and after one listen, they called their families to listen, too. Smiles and tears. One colleague described it as “Zen”, the other as “pure prayer.” Everyone is delighted to hear Yanvalu. Tomorrow I will play it for the URAMEL team, and this weekend, for Boby Duval.

Night time-hopefully we sleep without the deep, low, screeching rumble that forewarns the shaking, trembling, agitation of our ground.

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