Port au Prince, Haiti Day 8, Trip 4

Last night, we danced. The place where I danced at least 2 times a week when I lived here in 2004 resumed classes for the first time since the earthquake. We had a gathering last week–a free master class for the community to gather and dance–and last night a new season of dance began.

Several weeks ago I was listening to ManShoun, my Spiritual Mother, while contemplating the future of Haiti. She made something exceedingly clear to me: Listen. My instructions were to make sure there are as many drums beating, feet and bodies dancing, as possible between July 15 and August 15 (August 14 is Fet Bwa Kayman). We are to listen for the very first drum beat–the beat of Haiti’s true heart. I understand this instruction from the perspective of fractal mathematics: Find the source, the original variable, that initiated the birth of Ayiti. And play-beat-dance-sing-move-breathe-live this source-of-rhythm in every thought, movement, feeling, action. Thats where healing and restoration are. Thats where leadership is. Thats where the future is–entwined in the origin of the spirit of this place, land, people. Not in the variations off this moment or beat that have occurred–in the roots. Razin genyen histwa nouvel.

Nap komansay ak piye ki priye.

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