The Art of Embodied Resilience: Dance and Movement Approaches to Promote Well-being for Our Clients and Ourselves

The Art of Embodied Resilience: Dance and Movement Approaches to Promote Well-being for Our Clients and Ourselves

Date and Times:
June Saturday 25th 10.45am – 5.30pm
June Sunday 26th 9.45am – 5.00pm

Studio 1, 15 Barrett Way, Richmond, 3121.
(Behind Studio 9. Enter the arch by 36 Bendigo Street, Patch Café.)

Workshop with Amber Gray in Melbourne, Australia. Flyer here; for information and registration contact Jane or Tess

This workshop will provide theoretical, scientific, and contemplative rationale for the use of movement as measure of protection, self-care, and increased resilience, as well as an emergent best practice approach for therapeutic work with survivors of trauma. We will simultaneously learn breath, movement, rhythm and dance based practices that promote resilience and that can be used in therapeutic work with survivor clients of all ages.

Resilience is often referred to as something we build; resilience is actually a process that derives from, and supports, relationship, connection, and engagement. Current studies in the field of neuroplasticity demonstrate that movement ‘grows the brain’ and restores wholeness and well-being more efficiently than anything else. The extraordinary power of movement and dance therapy to support our clients healing is also a resource for therapists and healers to maintain their own strength and connection through challenging work.

In the challenging world we live we can be more exposed to the suffering of others through social media, and more likely to encounter others suffering in our classes, practices and daily lives. Refugee crises, disasters due to climate change, and unusual disease outbreaks fill the news-streams, daily. Those of us who directly steward the restorative process for survivors of trauma are exposed to stories, histories, and emotions that impact our own well-being and worldview. If we have known suffering we can be even more affected.

This workshop combines learning from scientific research with actual practices to grow our brains, and hearts to promote states of well-being such as self- compassion, courage, and groundedness to promote resilience. This workshop is appropriate for clinicians, therapists, body-workers, movement artists, educators and others.

Day 1 is simultaneously an introduction for those who have not attended a Body as Voice training, and a review for those who have;

Day 2 is refreshing, restorative new material.

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